Why Choose a Split Ductless System for Your Home?

Looking for a new HVAC system that is easy and will save you money? A Split Ductless System may be perfect for your home.

Custom Duct Work on Commercial Building

Why Consider Custom Duct Work?

Looking for new duct work? Custom work is the way to go offering your home improved energy efficiency, proper duct sizes, and much more!

Thimble Island Connecticut HVAC

The Climate in Connecticut & How it Relates to HVAC

Listen to our experts as they talk about the importance of CT climate and how it can and will affect your HVAC needs.

HVAC Installation Connecticut

Start Thinking About Spring AC Maintenance

Our experts here at HMC outline all of the reasons you should look into spring air conditioner maintenance.

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HVAC Replacement in 2020

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5 Tips to Keep Your HVAC System from Overheating

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Customer Appreciation

  Here is an email we received from one of our happy customers: “I am very, very happy with the work that you guys did. You did meet my expectations, and I am very appreciative. It runs nicely and looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I love new equipment, and your installation is so impressive. I really appreciate that…


Yale School of Architecture appreciation

Highwood Mechanical experts teamed up with the students at the Yale school of Architecture. Check out what they did.

End of Season AC Maintenance

As fall rolls in your AC unit finally cools off. See what our experts say about maintaining your AC unit after the summer.