End of Season AC Maintenance

Autumn is finally here. Its been a long, hot summer and now we can finally open our windows and get some fresh air. It’s now time to think about getting our AC system ready for a long winter. If your air handling system is in the attic, it is very important to have the condensate removal lines serviced. This should include removal of any water and debris in the line trap and cleaning of the condensate pan and coil in the air handler. This will potentially prevent freeze-up of the drain line which often causes a crack in the pipe and water to leak in your ceiling next spring. 

Your outdoor condensing unit should also be cared for as well. Keeping leaves, twigs, and acorns from getting into and surrounding the unit is helpful, and covering your unit top will assist with this. Avoid encasing the unit in any material that is not breathable. Remember, trapping moisture in the unit will accelerate component damage (and allow critters to find a home for the winter). Please call a qualified servicing company if you need any assistance with this.