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Originally settled as Quinnipiac in 1638 by a company of English Puritans led by John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton, it was renamed in 1640, probably for Newhaven, England. In 1643 it combined with several adjacent towns, including Milford and Guilford, to form the New Haven colony, of which Eaton was governor until his death in 1658.

New Haven, located in south-central Connecticut, is situated at the head of New Haven Bay, on Long Island Sound, and at the mouth of the Quinnipiac, Mill, and West rivers. A major port city, New Haven is bounded by the New Haven Harbor on its southeast side and by the Merritt Parkway (Connecticut Route 15) on its northwest side. The downtown area near the harbor is flat land that rises gradually to rolling hills in the outlying areas of the city. New Haven's climate is tempered by its location on Long Island Sound. Winters are milder, with less snow accumulation, than inland winters. Typically, summers are moderately warm and humid. Precipitation is evenly spread throughout the year, and heavy snow is unusual in the immediate coastal area.