Why Choose a Split Ductless System for Your Home?

mini split unit in a home

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Unless you live in the Arctic, you rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool in the warmer months. You also probably enjoy turning on the heater whenever there is a chill in the air, but have you stopped to consider which air conditioning system you are using? Just because your system heats up or cools down your home does not mean that it is the best or most efficient solution.

Split ductless systems are becoming increasingly popular and for good reasons. This type of air conditioning system offers unmatched control and customizability when it comes to the temperature of your home. Keep reading to learn why you should choose a split ductless system for your home.

What is a split ductless system?

split ductless system, or ductless mini-split air conditioning system, relies on an outdoor condenser to bring in air from outside. It then pushes this air through piping instead of using ducts. The goal is to provide the optimal amount of cold air to a specific room. Units are typically mounted into the wall and feature an independent thermostat.

Benefits of a split ductless air condition system
If you are searching for a new HVAC system or looking to upgrade your current air conditioning system, there are many reasons to choose a split ductless system for your home. We’ve compiled some of the top reasons homeowners choose a split ductless system to cool their house.

Easy installation
Ducts are expensive to install. Thankfully, a split ductless system relies on piping instead of ducts to funnel cold air into each room. It can take weeks for a professional team to install a ducted system, which disrupts your entire household and routine. You can have a ductless system installed and running within a single day, depending on how many indoor and outdoor units are required.

Ductless systems offer unmatched customizability and flexibility. Air is delivered directly into different zones instead of being forced through ducts. A split ductless system enables you to control the temperature in each individual room of your home. There is a wall-mounted unit in every room, so everyone in your home can be comfortable at all times. Also, choosing to install a central unit allows you to regulate the temperature in your entire home from one place.

Cost savings
Instead of heating or cooling an entire home, split ductless systems only have to use enough energy to maintain the temperature in each room. Each temperature zone is independent of the rest, so your system does not have to work harder to regulate temperature across larger spaces. Large duct systems are prone to leaks, which waste energy and money. Also, they can become loose and result in more wasted energy. The piping used for a ductless system is considerably more cost-effective.

Precise temperature control
A mini ductless system is only responsible for cooling a small area of your home. The reduced burden on your AC system means that the temperature is more precise. More energy is required for systems that heat your entire home, and the results are not as precise when it comes to temperature.

Improved air quality
Unlike ductwork, the piping used for ductless systems does not collect allergens. Central air conditioning systems often encounter issues with air quality and can cause serious health problems in your home. Spilt ductless systems bring in clean air from the outdoors through a condenser. The air is cleaned by a network of filters and enters your home clean and allergen-free.

Split ductless systems are a great alternative to window units because they are quiet. The silent operation is much different than the loud window unit. Sound from the ductless system comes from the outdoor condenser, so you do not have to deal with uncomfortable noise issues inside your home.

Improved aesthetics
Split ductless systems are small and unobtrusive. Their minimalist design offers impressive aesthetics, especially when compared to unsightly window units. The ductless system can easily be integrated with the décor of your home or be hidden behind furniture or decorations.

Split ductless system installation in Hamden, New Haven and Fairfield
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