Can I Install a Mini Split Ductless Myself ?

The mini-split ductless air conditioner is one of the most popular HVAC units on the market in recent years and will continue this trend into 2021. These units are popular for their easy use and low cost. If you are interested in installing this unit in your home by yourself, you may want to continue reading. We are going to discuss some important steps that will be done during the installation procedure and you will find out if you are up for the job. We recommend you always hire a professional HVAC company to install any ductless unit.

a. Choose the right unit for your needs

The first step is figuring out how much area you need to provide heat and cooling for. After that you can take a look at popular ductless brands. There are a lot of mini-split ductless units that are available today and the number is growing. They may come from different brands, including Daikin, Mitsubishi, American Standard, Ameristar, etc.

b. Prepare the solid base for the outdoor unit

​A solid base needs to be installed for placing the outdoor part of the unit. It is a good idea for you to use a concrete pad which is around 2 x 4 feet, you can pick one up at a local hardware store. This base should be strong enough to hold the overall weight of the outdoor unit. The unit should be placed on top of this base without causing any damages to your wall or your windows.

c. Prepare the electrical system for your unit

This is another important thing that you will need to prepare before you install your mini-split ductless unit. You are going to drill a hole in the wall, so you can connect all cables from the indoor and outdoor units from your mini-split ductless unit. Do not try this without the guidance of a professional contractor. It will be dangerous for you to install the electrical system alone, especially if you don’t have any experience.

d.  Routing the drain and piping system for your unit

When installing this mini-split ductless system, you are going to need a good route for your piping and drainage. The drain line must be pitched appropriately, so it will support the overall performance of this unit. The piping and drain lines should be insulated, so they don’t sweat inside the wall of your home, building, or office space.

e. Check the functionality of the unit

Before you complete the installation procedure, you want to check the overall functionality of the unit. Don’t forget to read the manual before you start operating this air conditioner in your home. There are some step by step instructions that you need to follow, so you can turn on the device properly. When you don’t use a professional technician, you will not get any warranty from the installer. Instead when the unit cannot function normally, you will have to  contact the manufacturer which can be a hassle and become messy. Most mini-split ductless units come with a warranty, so the company will help you when you have any issues with the units.

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Although you can do all installation procedures alone, you should avoid doing everything alone. You should always hire professional experts when you want cheap affordable air via ductless units. Our technicians are professionally trained and will install any air conditioners in our clients’ properties safely. We know how to install all parts of the unit in the right place safely.

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