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The climate in Connecticut is diverse, going between the humid continental category to the humid subtropical type, in the north and south. Summer seasons bring a lot of moisture and heat with it, and the winter season stays mild on the coast and the interior region has snow. Connecticut is located in the southwestern portion of New England, in the northeast portion of the United States of America. The climate shows quite a variation according to different locations, and there is low impact of factors related to geography except for the water bodies like lakes in the southern region.

Some days we can experience all four seasons!

Climates in Different Regions of Connecticut

Fairfield is a relatively moderately hot region during the summer season in comparison to other regions of Connecticut. October, May, and April are among the most comfortably moderate climates in the region. In December, the Fairfield temperatures fall below around 38.5 degrees. This is also relatively a moderate climate in comparison to other regions in the state. However, the climate gets a bit more humid in the high-temperature days.

New Haven
The summers are warmer and more humid in New Haven, while on the other side, the winters are quite cold and humid, and it remains in a cloudy state at most times. The temperature shows variation from 23F to 82F and sometimes reaches 89F in the summer season and 9F during winter.

New London
New London is located between the transitional zones between Temperate climates and Continental climates, and the climate remains moderate, especially in the coastal region. The climate manifests humidity and heat in the summer season, and there are cooler temperatures with more snowfall.

The summer season is humid yet comfortable, while the winter season is quite cold and freezing, and it remains cloudy throughout the year. With the year passing by, the temperature normally goes around 9F to 79F and can reach extremes above 86F and below -9F.

In Litchfield, the hot weather remains quite warm, the winter gets freezing and remains cloudy throughout the year. Around the year, the temperature normally stays from 17F to 84F, while it reaches 92F in the summer and goes below 1F.

Why Do You Need HVAC Installation?

From all the details provided above, we can see that the climate in Connecticut varies greatly. The overall climate revolves around being moderate to humid and from chilly to snowy in the summer season and winter season respectively. This constant change can cause mechanical complications in your HVAC systems which we are prepared to address.

HVAC Installation Services in Connecticut

With that being said, it is important to acknowledge that weather regulating systems, such as Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration – also known as HVAC installation, become an essential thing to consider in these regions.

Whether it is installment or offering related services to our clients like removal or inspection, we make sure that our clients get the best quality for their air conditioning and heating system needs.

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