Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

During the cold days in the winter season here in CT, you may be inclined to spend a lot of your time in your home. Winters in Connecticut are commonly considered very cold and with COVID still in full swing you may be interested in learning how to lower your heating bill. It snows pretty often in Connecticut. Staying at your home will require you to turn on your heating system.

The home heating system is one of the most significant utility costs that you will have as a homeowner. The heating system usually costs more than 40% of the total utility bill in your home. Therefore, you need to learn how you can improve the efficiency of the heating system in your home, so you can save money.

Tips for Lowering Your Heating Bills this Winter

Close all unused doors

You may have some extra rooms that are unused in your home. Typically, there is no use in heating these areas of your home. If you want to save money on your heating bill, you can close the door of these unused rooms. You may also want to close all vents in these rooms, so the warm air from your duct system will travel to these rooms less frequently. By closing off unused areas in your home, the money you do spend on heating will get put to use more efficiently.

Turn the thermostat down

This is another simple tip that you can follow to reduce the heating bill in the winter effectively. Adjusting your thermostat level will lead to a significant drop in heating bills. It is recommended for you to lower down the thermostat by 5 about degrees. This action will help you reduce up to 10% of the annual heating cost in your home. You can set the thermostat to maintain the temperature around 66 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. When you leave for work, you can even lower the thermostat to a lower temperature.

Make sure that all windows and doors are closed tightly

Your home may lose heat through some doors and windows, especially if they are opened. Some doors and windows are not sealed tightly during the winter season. Therefore, you need to check all windows and doors at the beginning of the winter. This procedure will help you test for drafts, so you can detect any air leaks immediately. Some insulation from a local hardware store should do the trick.

Use wood-burning stoves

If you want to reduce your heating bills during the winter season significantly, you can consider using alternative heat sources. You can buy a good wood-burning stove for heating the inside your home. It is a good idea for you to get a stove with a big heat output if you have a chimney that runs central to your home. A good way to reduce the overall cost for operating this stove is by using free wood resources, for example, scrap wood or salvaged wood. These wood types can be found for cheap or even free without adding additional costs to your heating system in your home.

Use ceiling fans

​This is another useful tip that you can follow during this winter season. If you have some ceiling fans in the rooms inside your home, you can use them in this cold season. These ceiling fans are very effective to distribute the warm air in your home, so you can lower your heating bill. When the ceiling fans work, they are going to distribute the warm air trapped near the ceiling. The warm air will be distributed to all parts of your home evenly, so you can increase the efficiency of your heating system.

Those are some useful tips on how you can reduce the heating cost in your Connecticut home significantly. It is also a good idea for you to check up on the energy efficiency of all of your systems to see if an upgrade is in order. If some of your units are older in age, calling an HVAC expert like Highwood Mechanical Contractors can save you time and money, Reach out today!

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