Should I Choose Central or Ductless Air?

When you are planning to install the best air conditioning system in your home, you are going to have two main choices. They are central air or ductless air conditioning systems. Each system has its benefits and disadvantages for all users. Because of this reason, you may want to compare both products before you decide on the best one for yourself.

Central Air Conditioning System

This system will treat air at the central location, then it distributes the air to all rooms in your home. It has supply ducts or registers which will carry this cool air to the property. After the air becomes warmer, it will flow back to the system via return ducts system and registers. Some popular brands offer a central AC system for their customers, for example, American Standard, Bryant, Goodman, Heil, Mitsubishi, etc. A central AC system with 2.5 or 3-ton sized units can be suitable for any properties with approx. 1,500 square feet area.


If you are planning to keep the whole house cool, you can consider using this central AC system. It will be able to deliver the cool air to all rooms inside your house evenly. You don't need to install several AC units inside your house.

Many people are using central AC systems because it is virtually invisible. It will add value to your home when you are concerned about decorating the interior design of your home. This system can be suitable for any rooms with a compact area.

It is pretty simple for you to maintain the temperature in your house. There is only one control panel that you can use, so you can achieve your ideal temperature for your rooms. It is very convenient for you to use this control panel for setting up this central AC system.


The maintenance cost of this system can be higher than the ductless AC unit. This system requires an annual maintenance procedure, so it can last for a long time. You need to spend some money for these regular maintenance requirements. The air ducts in your house also need to be cleaned at least once every year. Cleaning these air ducts can be used to improve the energy efficiency inside your house.

Ductless Air Conditioning

This system consists of two main components. They are an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit. Both parts are connected by the conduit. The ductless system will use a slim cable that is located between the box on the wall and the condenser. If you are looking for the best ductless AC units, you can compare some available products from reputable brands. Some reputable brands, such as Daikin, Ameristar, Mitsubishi, Cooper, and Hunter, etc. For an area of 1,400 to 1,500 square feet, you are going to need a ductless AC with 24,000 BTUs.


No ductwork involved. It is very easy for you to install this ductless AC unit because you don't need a lot of effort for creating a duct or vents. If you are looking for a convenient way to install AC units in your home, you can consider using this ductless unit.

Most ductless AC units are usually more portable and compact than the other central air units. Therefore, you can place these ductless units on your small property. If your house is pretty small, you can consider using these AC units.

The ductless AC units tend to perform quieter than the central AC systems. They are also more efficient compared to the other traditional AC units. If you want to look for the best AC system that can cost less in the long run, you can consider buying these units.

Ductless units don't need any maintenance procedures. No duct system is involved in this system. Therefore, you don't need to spend your time and money on cleaning this duct system. It can be a huge saving for you.


Higher installation cost. When we compared both central air and ductless air conditioning units, you also need to compare the installation cost. Ductless AC units need to be installed by professionals or experts, so they can function normally. The installation cost of these units can be more expensive per time spent on your property than the central air system simply because of the time it takes to install central air.

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