Mid Season Air Conditioner Maintenance

Roof top unit installation

This season has been one with a lot of pollen in the air. Your air conditioning system is sensitive to that. Here are some helpful tips to keep your air conditioning unit running well.

1. Keep the outdoor condensing unit coils clean. This can be done simply with a hose and fresh water.
Turn off the power supply to the outdoor unit. This means the circuit breaker and disconnect (which is mounted on your house near the outdoor AC unit) are turned off. If you are not sure it is off, please have a qualified technician perform this easy maintenance.

2. DO NOT USE a pressure washer as this will potentially damage your unit.

3. Keep grass clippings and other outdoor debris from gathering on and around your outdoor air conditioning unit.

4. A mid season air filter change may be necessary as pollen will gather on that filter, restricting air flow.

STAY COOL and enjoy your summer!