Applications and Benefits of Geothermal HVAC Systems

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We get many questions regarding geothermal systems for homes. Most frequently, I am asked if Geothermal is right for my home. And the big answer is YES. In all applications, be it hot water or hot air existing systems, geothermal can be retro fitted to your home.

How are Geothermal systems installed?

Geothermal requires vertical bores (depth and number of bores varies based on size of your home), which will cause some disruption to your existing landscaping, but is easily repaired and healed. Here in the north east we are bed rock laden, which is a great medium for heat transfer, making retro fit applications a popular choice. Water from the well, is NOT used as commonly perceived. In the vertical bores, are a set of water lines that are surrounded by flexible grout which has a tremendous thermal conductivity. A water/anti-freeze blend is circulated through these loops and back to the geo-thermal machine providing heating and cooling.

What are the efficiency gains with Geothermal HVAC?

We often have energy efficiency gains of 40%-60% annually.

How long with Geothermal equipment last?

Because there is no equipment outside of your home, the average life expectancy of geothermal equipment can be 50% or more than a conventional outdoor heat pump or air conditioner.

Please ask us any questions that you may have about geothermal, so we can help unlock these mysteries for you. We have experience installing more than 25 residential and commercial Geothermal HVAC systems in CT.