Are Bock Water Heaters Right for Your Home?

Today we take a look at Bock Water Heaters. This brand is very popular among many homeowners and HVAC contractor is in the United States because it can offer high-quality water heaters for all customers at an affordable price. All products from this company are made from high-end materials, so you can use these water heaters for a long time.

All water heaters from Bock are manufactured in their Wisconsin facilities. In this article, we will talk about some pros, cons, and some other useful information about this brand. You can read all of these details before you decide to buy the best products for your needs and have Highwood take care of the installation.

Bock Water Heater Pros

a. Commitment to offer innovation for all customers

Bock is one of the most popular companies that can offer the best and most innovative technology in the water heater industry. Its patented OptiTherm technology can provide up to 99% thermal efficiency. This technology can help you save more than 25% of your annual utility cost every year.

Another interesting technology in all Bock water heaters is the Turboflue. This technology is going to use their state of the art innovative fin heat exchangers. This system will utilize hundreds of high-quality steel fins that are specially created in an accurate spiral design. This technology is designed to offer superior heat conduction and also fuel efficiency.

When using any water heaters from Bock, you also get the benefit of the ElectriTherm feature. This feature utilizes the digital control system that has an LED diagnostic readout. This system will give you the ability to read the exact temperature settings and status.

b. Complete products and accessories

This is another good reason why you may want to consider using any Bock water heaters for in your home. When you visit its official website at, you will be able to find many different products and accessories that are available for all customers. There are some categories that are available in store, for example, gas, oil, electric, dual-fuel, solar, and also geothermal based water heaters. You can also find some useful accessories that you can use for improving your experience with any of your favorite Bock water heaters.

c. Professional technicians behind the company

Bock is 100% owned by the employees. Every Bock employee always wants to provide the best and most exceptional products for all customers. All products from this company are made with the best technology and quality in the USA. When you buy any Bock water heaters, you also get access to a high customer service level and also reliable technical support.

d. Bock app and BockNet Remote Access

This is the latest technology that is offered by the Bock company. This app will work perfectly with the iPhone, Android, and any other mobile devices. When using this application, you will be able to have remote access to any of your Bock water heaters. The Bock App allows you to monitor current temperature, heater status, and also find some lockout errors or other history.

Bock Water Heater Cons

Only available in certain stores

Although Bock water heaters can bring a lot of benefits for the users, you will have some difficulties when you are planning to buy the best water heaters for your needs. They are not available in many nationwide stores. However, you should never have to worry about this problem. You can call the water heater experts at Highwood Mechanical Contractors and we will source the Bock water heater you want in your home.

We are the professional HVAC experts that will always have the best solution for you, so you can have your water heaters installed quickly and efficiently.